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Who is the Goddamn Angel That Invented SocalityBarbie?

If you haven’t been following the genius instagram account Socality Barbie then we cannot be friends, y’all.

I stumbled upon Socality Barbie on my instagram feed yesterday – and I haven’t been the same since.  Socality Barbie is the flawless embodiment of prevalent female instagram culture everywhere – starring one beanie wearing, bangs-sporting, coffee-drinking, nature loving, eye-brow having hipster Barbie.

Socality Barbie is authentic, y’all, and she loves community.  On any given day, you might catch her hiking up a trail in a tribal print blanket with her entire coffee set or maybe you’ll find her just hanging out with her #blessed, silver haired friend.

No surprise that this instagram account has upwards of half a million followers at present time and it deserves every goddamn one of them.  And I have to say,  it’s not just the novelty of the account that will draw you in.  The pictures are actually disturbingly well done – to the point where I caught myself looking at a picture of a Barbie and thinking this shit is really beautiful.

Like here, for instance:

Or for that artsy black and white shot:

But not to worry that it’ll get too serious  – Socality Barbie still maintains faithful to its core audience by providing us with the obligatory coffee pics and inspirational memes that are so necessary to maintain our authentic lifestyle.

And the captions are simply on point.  Whether Socality Barbie is quoting a lightweight Bible verse or humblebragging about her perfect friends, we all know exactly who she represents.

If you aren’t going to follow Socality Barbie on instagram right now, then please take your iPhone and light it on fire with a blowtorch because you don’t deserve to have the mobile internet.


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