Nicole Arbour’s Video Why Women are Crazy is Fundamentally Wrong (And Hacky)

Nicole Arbour wants you to know that she knows that you know that women are crazy.

Nicole Arbour wants you to know that she knows that you know that men know that women are crazy.

First things first, I hate myself for watching this video.  Let’s get that out of the way right off the bat.

But moving on from there:

Nicole Arbour isn’t the devil.  Nicole Arbour doesn’t represent the Patriarchy (although she’s doing some of the dirty work for them).  Nicole Arbour probably isn’t even stupid.

What Nicole Arbour is, is profoundly uninformed about the fundamentals of sexism as evidenced by one of her videos: Why Girls are Crazy.

(And believe me when I say that I am not even going to TOUCH her video on fat-shaming, so help us all, I might end up cracking this goddamn computer screen right here right goddamn now.)

Now, I’m not here to turn against another woman.  I’m simply here to politely point out why the video Why Girls are Crazy, is fundamentally at its core sexist.  I’m not saying that Nicole Arbour herself is sexist – I am simply pointing out the sexism in the video.  In fact, what I’m actually saying is that the over arching systems of oppression at play are sexist and Arbour is just another uninformed victim.  And as a result, we have actual women making actual videos like this one right herrrr.

I will only make one point about the wrongness of this video, which is this.  And get ready because it’s going to Blow.  Your.  Mind.

Here it is:

Women are not crazy by mere virtue of being women.


Do you understand?

But in the 90s George Carlin made a joke about how women are crazy and men are stu —- NO!  Enough.   Hush now, don’t speak.


The idea that women are crazy because they are women stems from the idea that women are crazy because they are not men.  Because men are the gold standard by which we compare all other genders and sexes.  Because men are the privileged class – the class by which we must all conform and aspire as per our patriarchal society.  Everyone else might as well be garbage people if they aren’t men.

Get it?  It’s the patriarchal lens through which society view things.  (Let’s change our lens!)

This “women are crazy”  scheme is another way in which our culture pretty much exclusively values masculinity over femininity (we only even consider femininity when it can be used for sex, and only sex for straight men).

Therefore, saying that women are crazy for virtually any action they take because they are women is just another way in which we systematically silence women and strip them of any credibility.  By our societal standards, women are crazy because they are something other than the privileged class and, so, anything produced from or by them is automatically met with derision and suspicion.  And Nicole Arbour plays right into this view.

But bitches be crazy tho, right?

To add insult to injury, while most of Arbour’s video is just spastic editing and non-sequitor, hacky tangents – Arbour also seems to think  that holding the fundamental belief that women are crazy is totally cool because hey, women still hold some power over men by virtue of sexual prowess.

In her words, we as women might be crazy, but you as men “still want to fuck us; still want to fuck us.”

What she’s actually saying is:

“It’s okay if you don’t respect us as human beings.  It’s okay if you fundamentally dismiss our mental state as an entire gender as a form of oppression.  All that matters is that you value us as sex objects!”

You don’t need to be the fucking granddaughter of Gloria Steinem enrolled as a Gender Studies major at Sarah Lawrence to see that this statement is a clearly sexist statement.

What were the wives in Fury Road going on and on about throughout the whole goddamn duration of the movie – oh yeah – they kept proclaiming – WE ARE NOT THINGS.  If an action movie starring Tom Hardy can grasp the concept that treating women as sexual objects is clearly sexist – then so can some youtube vlogger making a video about women.

Because really, Nicole Arbour might think she’s being edgy or cool or funny.  Or that she has some great new take on the played out saying “Women are crazy”.  She might think she’s reclaiming the phrase “women are crazy.”  But what she’s actually doing, for lack of better understanding, is doing the Patriarchy’s dirty work for them.

And I wish she’d knock it the fuck off.

Or at least take a Gender Studies class.


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