Quick! Can You Spot the Subtle Sexism?



Let’s begin with the obvious:  This sign is only talking to and about men  (and no, “men” isn’t synonymous with “all people”.  If you don’t understand that using “men” as the default gender is rooted in sexism then you should educate yourself).

But what’s more, the sign very specifically states that if God wants to fuck with men – then he’d sure as fuck better get their goddamn consent first.

So, if God needs men’s consent to get involved in men’s lives, either women aren’t accounted for at all in this particular narrative of humanity OR their consent is simply not necessary to begin with.

Of course, we already  know that this God doesn’t require consent from women…He didn’t ask Mary for her consent when he secretly planted his magical baby inside her virginal uterus, did he?  Ah, the Abrahamic God – one of America’s first lauded rapists.

Slow clap, Religion.  Killing it with the sexism as always.


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