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You Should Be Following @MalePrivilege

There’s something really hard about explaining privilege and its various intersections.  It’s so abstract, so theoretical.  It’s easy to deny because it’s even easier to misunderstand – and believe me, straw-man arguments abound against its very existence in every corner of god’s green internet (What’s up, MRAs!  I see you – holla at a girl.)

This is partially because privilege is invisible to those who have it.  Also, it gets even trickier when systems of oppression/privilege fall at different intersections for different groups of individuals.  So, people experience systematic oppression in unique ways – and some don’t experience it at all.

And while the idea of privilege isn’t exactly new, there seems to be something permeating in the air about our understanding and treatment of it.  Our sociological interpretation of privilege – and why ignorance to it is a big problem for Americans – is now in the public zeitgeist.

We’re practically begging for a privilege revolution – or at least we are on my very feminist, little corner of the internet.  (Bernie Sanders – holla at a girl!).

And this is why you must follow the twitter account @MalePrivilege.   This parody (although not  so parody) account slices through so much socio-political rhetoric with the ease of a guy named Blake getting hired at a hedge fund.

And suddenly, understanding privilege seems very clear.

@MalePrivilege is sneakily simple in this way.  It’s powerful in its obviousness.

Like, for instance, this super casual tweet about gender pronouns:


Sound familiar, every single person on Fox News who couldn’t possibly grasp the concept of referring to Caitlyn Jenner as “she”?

Or this little reflection on work place equality:


One of the reasons this account makes its point so deftly is due to its white, male POV.  It’s not some hysterical lady blithering away in a sexual harassment lawsuit.  It’s not some mommy blogger talking shit about Ferguson police.  It’s a dude.  You know, a regular person.  It’s a bro just talkin’ straight talk about his chill life.  (Even the avatar, is the perfect mixture of casual entitlement and upper-middle class prerogative).

And so we are listening.

But this time, we’re in on the joke.


And the joke is on us.


Because the joke is reality.


But at least this account is funny!  And more importantly, it’s important.

Go follow @MalePrivilege now!


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