Are You Kidding Me With This Perfectly Adorable Video With a Baby?

This video, y’all.  This.  Fucking.  Video.

Six brothers welcome home their first sister

So, for everyone whose attention span is so burnt out they can’t watch a 2:10 video, I don’t care – just get over yourself and watch it and cry like an asshole on your couch like the rest of us sentimental sacks because THIS SHIT WILL TWIST UP YOUR INSIDES AND SEND YOU OFF RIGHT TO FEELS MOUNTAIN.

But, ok, I’ll give you a quick recap:

Family with many boys (who can keep track of all these little, blonde, male people) has a baby girl.

Then comes a video of the boys each holding the little girl (who is sleeping like some kind of Angelic being from Perfect Small Human Planet) and then each describing their very sweet, real, and heart-warming feelings towards her.

And I quote:

“Um, she’s as precious as a ruby…” Says a small child of his sister.  Doesn’t it make you want to throw a brick through a goddamn window it’s so aggressively precious?


But let’s put all that aside for a moment and focus on what’s truly remarkable about this video, and it’s this:

This video is all about boys – not girls or women – having vulnerable feelings while nurturing a child.

There’s no hesitation, no tough guy act, no squicked out faces,  no unsureness in their ability to hold her, no inhibition or embarrasment about expressing their emotions.

These are just boys learning about how to take care of a baby.  It’s pretty rad.

And not to mention, all of these boys – whatever their ages might range from, I did absolutely zero fact checking here – are incredibly articulate and thoughtful in their responses.

They aren’t brutes.  This isn’t about aggression and all the shit men supposedly value – it’s about humanity.  Siblinghood.


I would like to make just a few, small tiny notes about some of the comments the boys make.

For instance, one of the older boys says:

“When she gets old enough and she has a boyfriend and she brings him home all [she’s] going to say is “Meet my brothers, to have me you’re going to have to go through them.”

Please understand that I am in no way saying that these boys are sexist.  Or that this comment was meant in a sexist way.  It is likely these boys don’t even have a concept of those terms just yet.

And that’s why it’s important.  What this kid is saying is a reflection of what is being said, implied and advertised around him – and he’s picking up on it at a very early age.

We make it pretty clear in our society that men (particularly fathers and brothers) own women’s rights to their sexuality.  It sounds benign, protective, and sweet in context.  But it should make us aware of how incredibly susceptible kids are to the prevailing gendered culture around them and how that changes treatment of others based on gender.

Case in point here when one of the littler ones laments that he is worried his sister will “paint everything pink” when she gets older (lol). He says,

“I don’t like pink because it’s a girl’s color.”

Which is interesting because how can a color actually have a gender – and who taught him so early on that it mattered?

Ok, so enough of that.  I know it seems nit picky and stupid – but we need to point these things out so that society can change.  It’s basically our job here at NBY.

Anyway, as a cleanser palate I’ll leave you with this:

“She is cuter than I thought she would be.”  Gurgles a small blonde child in a yellow polo.

In a yellow freaking polo.


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