Podcast! NBY Girls Have a Conversation

OMG, we are the most neglectful blog owners of all time.

But at least we put in some mild effort by recording a late night conversation and posting it to the internet!  Be a voyeur, and listen in.  Fair warning, there is no intro or outro, just a couple of ladies talkin’ lady talk real lady like.

Topics covered include:

Facebook Schadenfreude, and that good feeling you get when someone gets dumped on Facebook.

Celebrities from the mid aughts.

Do you date out of your league?

A calorie counting app that we don’t mention by name

Kat talks shit about Florida but she feels badly about it now (sorry FLA)

And some other stuff about having babies!

Also, if you have headphones on, you might have to listen with both ear buds in or you’ll only hear a one sided conversation because we’re new at this.



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