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What I Fux With in 2017

  1.  Shoes with glitterglitter-shoes
  2. Super, duper long hair
  3. This DSTLD fairly priced leather jacketdstldjacket
  4. This dogozziebelly
  5. Also, this dogg
  6. Instagram account Wolfgang2242
  7. Kamala Harris220px-kamala_harris_official_attorney_general_photo
  8. Tammy Duckworth220px-tammy_duckworth_official_portrait_113th_congress
  9. Ilhan Omarilhan_omar_01
  10. Political Involvement
  11. Calling your mother-effin senator
  12. Saying the word “like”
  13. Uptalk
  14. Vocal Fry
  15. Swearing too much and to my own detriment
  16. Offending old, white dudes with my opinions
  17. Saying the word “abortion”
  18. Samantha Bee220px-samanthabeefeb2011
  19. Costco250px-costco_wholesale-svg
    1. Costco’s loungewear socks for women
    2. Costco’s fairly priced produce
  20. First person confessionals written by women or non-cisgendered, etc.
  21. Being aware of my own privilege
  22. Voting1024px-voting_united_states
  23. Making lists instead of writing useful content
  24. Being a woman who doesn’t have a boss
  25. Supporting local businesses run by women and minorities
  26. Boycotting tyrants
  27. All the new Star Wars shit
  28. The struggle that exists between being aware of your own oppression and still watching youtube beauty bloggers
  29. It’s not that women should say sorry less often, it’s that men should say sorry more often.
  30. Being super, duper angry for obvious reasons
  31. Being a night owl

3 thoughts on “What I Fux With in 2017

  1. 2017 Resolution: Write for blog even though they either failed to respond to my first attempt or rejected me without a response.


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