More Questions to Which Rachel Needs Answers

  1. What exactly does “Netflix and chill” mean? Does it mean “Netflix and sex”? I suspect that it does.
  2. Does anyone actually read every book they own? Honestly I think I’ve read maybe 20% of my library.
  3. What’s a classy and mature way for a 32 year old woman to display her action figures and pop culture memorabilia?
  4. I went on a date with a dude a few years back (only once and we didn’t really talk after that) and now he’s popping up in the “People You May Know” section on Facebook. Is he creepin’ on me or is it just a weird Facebook thing? SIDENOTE: If he’s creepin’ am I flattered or weirded out?
  5. Do we like tacos because they are delicious? Or because the word “tacos” is fun to say?
  6. When Trump is lying in bed after a hard day’s Twitter posting, what does he think about? Okay, obviously himself, but in his heart of hearts I really hope he’s thinking, “omgomgomg I have to go to work tomorrow and I haven’t accumulated enough PTO time to call in sick and I’m so new and it will look bad but I can’t face another day of briefings and government stuff. I just can’t.” Also in my fantasy he’ll be lying there silently freaking out when his phone will buzz and it will be a text from Putin that says, “U WILL GO TO WORK TMW WE DID OUR PART U DO URS” with a knife emoji for obvious reasons and an eggplant emoji because LOLZ like Putin actually knows how to use emojis.

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