Hopelessly hopefully…well, soon to be hopeful

After I shared my last post on Facebook, a very good friend of mine shared some really inspiring ideas on how to start working towards good things. They’re small steps, but it’s something we can all do.

Thanks, Ambor, for the hope-filled insight.

“My first course of action has been to actively stand up for people. I’m not picking fights, but I don’t tolerate ignorant language around me any longer and when I see people acting insane towards someone else I say something.
I’ve also started calling my senator and Illinois leaders. Never done that before. I’ve been tweeting, emailing and calling government officials to make my opinion know. In a respectable manner of course.
And then I’ve been making sure I’m nice to the fellow man in public. Which I’ve always done, but now am making a point to make sure I’m super nice to that cashier, holding doors, sparking conversation.”

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