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A Cabinet of Curiosities


There’s basically nothing the internet can’t do. You can use the internet to find a soulmate, a job, diagnose a disease, rent out your spare bedroom, order dinner (cooked or the DIY kind), buy skirts you’ll never wear, and harass people who look and think differently than you all from the comfort and privacy of the rock you live under. YAY INTERNET!

There’s another side to the internet, though. A side that showcases the strange and macabre nature of humanity. And of course I’m talking about YouTube.

Since its inception YouTube has been the go-to utility to find music videos and gag reels from your favorite movies. It also houses some of the weirdest shit I have ever seen.

I’ve been working on my collection of weird YouTube stuff probably since the beginning of YouTube. Every time I’d see something that would give me goosebumps or make me question my existence I’d save them to my favorites. My cabinet of YouTube curiosites has saved me from many hours of working at work (because who does that). Also, the videos are great ice breakers at parties and funeral luncheons.

And so, dear reader, I share with you selections from my collection. Some are creepy, some are funny, all are worth your time.



Rasta Chicken


Olivier de Sagazan


Go Roger


Patriotic eggs and a Christmas present suit.


Creating Rem Lazar




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