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DAE Meghan Tonjes?


So, I’ve started listening to slash watching Meghan Tonjes.

Are y’all familiar?  I was not.

I’m not ignorant to the vast and varied world of famous YouTubers.  In fact, a bitch like me can really get serious with a Pixi Woo make up tutorial.

But, it never truly occurred to me, that there was an entire world of folks – mostly of the older and younger millennial variety –  who have carved out entire careers, and successful ones at that, as YouTube personalities.

I say “personalities” as a general blanket term because it seems to me that many of these entrepreneurial minded people have real and practical talents – Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, PixiWoo (as mentioned before) are all channels devoted to some seriously high level make up artistry.  MarinaShutUp, Kat Blaque, and Laci Green create feminist, progressive, and highly nuanced educational content.  Jenna Marbles, problematic as she be, has fashioned herself as something of a comedian.  Same with My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart (not problematic).

And dare we ever forget, the infamously thin privileged, Nicole Arbour.

There are thousands of these people floating around our internets.

And I’ve finally found Meghan Tonjes.

I’ll probably write more about Meghan Tonjes on another day – a day when I haven’t just returned from a wine tasting at 11:15 at night, but for now, I’ll just give the run down and speak to you about why Tonjes speaks to me.

For one, with a catalogue of videos and podcasts spanning over a decade of time (she is one of the early birds to the YouTube culture), Tonjes provides to me the thing I crave most as an American: content.

Just gimme, gimme, gimme all your content.

I wants my brunch to last ’til dark.  I wants an all you can eat buffet.  I wants UNLIMITED REFILLS.  I wants gimme content content.

And Tonjes provides you with SO much gahdamn content.  In some videos she gives her insightful and concise (and funny) take on pop culture and topical news.  In other videos she gets into the thick of it with her feminist take on fat acceptance, racism, problematic intra-YouTube community fighting, and all kinds of SJW craziness that I just want to bathe naked in on a Sunday afternoon.  (Call me an SJW as an insult, I dare you.)

Plus, as far as I can tell – and believe me when I say that I have not even come close to breaking through her archives – she started as a musician???  Yes, she’s definitely a musician.

And in some older videos, she gets drunk and reads excerpts from Fifty Shades of Grey (highly recommend.)

There are just all kinds of good things I could say about Meghan Tonjes and the content she puts out on the regs for our ravenous consumption.

But the best thing I can say about her is this:

Her willingness to create art and speak on social issues via such a novel and nontraditional platform is inspiring to me.  Also, her authenticity and completely transparent language about who she is and why she deserves respect as a human – despite the fact that society doesn’t want to dole out respect to fat women without a fight – reminds me why it’s all so important for all of us with a voice to use it in the best way possible.  In our own way.

And just like Meghan, we should be doing it ALL THE DAMN TIME.

So, sorry to tie this post back into to politics, but.

I can’t leave without saying this:

Now more than ever, we need you to use all your platforms in all the ways you can, to make your authentic voice heard.




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