Behind You / Random Musings

Burned Out But Not Down

I haven’t watched Obama’s last speech (I did read it). I didn’t watch as Obama gave Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom (I saw a GIF of it). I avoided Trump’s press conference (Facebook provided enough for me to get an idea of what happened).

But I’m still caring and still listening and not giving up.

I took a break because I’m overwhelmed and burned out. It’s okay to be burned out. With injustices occurring at every waking moment it’s a lot to deal with. If you’re like me you feel like you have to take it all on and fix everything all by yourself. That isn’t the case though.

You’re not alone, and if you have to step back and remind yourself that there are still really good things in the world, please do so as soon as possible. Self-care is not something to be ignored, no matter how much of the world needs fixing. Drink some tea. Watch some cartoons. Write. Draw. Take a nap. Play games. Meditate. Hug your dog/cat/mom/dad/sister/brother/friend/husband/wife/kids/boyfriend/girlfriend. Hell, hug a stranger (get consent first of course!).

And do not worry about the world around you. We’ll all be here fighting while you regroup. You’ll come back stronger than ever and able to take on the world.

I’m taking a break but I’m coming back stronger. There’s a lot to do.


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