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What to Do When America Has Broken Your Heart

President Barack Obama presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Vice President Joe Biden

Watching Joe Biden receive the Medal of Freedom with Distinction this afternoon was just a little more than my tired, worn-out heart could handle.  I must’ve cried the entire way through: knowing Obama was going to surprise Joe, listening to Joe give Obama – America’s first Black president – all the credit, hearing Joe call Michelle the best first lady of all time, watching Joe cry to himself and finger-gun his way around the podium.  (Just kidding, I think this speech was notably lacking in the finger guns department, only finger-guns-of-the-heart this time.)

Watching Joe receive this award, was more than I could handle just two days after watching Obama’s somber, poignant, and, yet, still hopeful farewell speech.  (Missing from the speech, you may have noticed was Sasha Obama, who was home studying for an exam.  Y’all, the Obama’s don’t play!  Could you even imagine, in ANY world, where Donald Trump makes his kids study for an exam?  Or where Donald Trump could, say, pass an exam?  I’m not even entirely convinced he’s literate, SIRI will after all, dictate a tweet for you.)

And as if all that torture weren’t enough, as if it weren’t enough to say good-bye to the era of an America that was, against all practical odds, united by a young Black family, an America that was led by a president with grace and dignity, an America that fought to make healthcare a right for all, an America that we thought for the first time might actually elect a woman for president – if all that weren’t enough to bid adieu, we must now also say good bye to the relative safety and privilege of freedom we’ve held as citizens of a nation and face the greatest threat that we have ever seen posed against our democracy in recent, modern times:

President Elect Donald J. Trump.

Because I’m not an expert in politics and because an entire run down of all PEOTUS’s violations against the good of humanity would take hours and hours of writing  (and mamma’s gotta write a post every single day, so she doesn’t have time for that), I’m only going to say a few things.

The face Donald Trump has shown America is not one of patriotism or even one of masculinity (which some people, apparently, assume is a requirement of the presidency) but one of nepotistic and privileged perversion.

He’s openly mocked the disabled; he’s disrespected the humanity of women; he’s called Mexicans rapists and criminals (projecting…) and Muslims terrorists.  He’s represented the most disgusting, the most base, the most uninformed egoism of everyone.  And now we all must share in the disaster, and we all must share in the burden.

My heart is now broken.  It has shattered into a million tiny slivers of plastic, powdered with Cheeto dust, staining your kitchen floor.

But now is also the time, to pick up those dusty pieces, and be patriotic.

As others have said before:

Dissent is patriotic.  Protest is patriotic.  Voting is patriotic.  Freedom of press is patriotic.  Freedom of speech is patriotic.  Boycotting is patriotic.  Marching is patriotic.

And speaking out when you’re most scared to do so…

Well, that’s just brave.

And never forget it.  Because the days of Obama are nearly behind us.





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