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By user:Fourohfour – Original author: SCEhardt, original version here: Image:Cheetos.jpg., Public Domain, Link

Is Trump being blackmailed by Russia?

Were those binders blank?

Why don’t binders ever work out for Republicans?

Will the Trump administration deny the free press – a hallmark of democracy –  access to the White House?

Will that usher in an age of tyranny and dictatorship?

Who will even play at Trump’s inauguration?  Paul Anka  (a.k.a Lorelei Gilmore’s dog)? Toby Keith (because for obvious reasons)?  Nickelback (Trump should be so lucky)?

Is the CIA investigating this shit?

Will Comey be fired?

Who would even replace him?  Probably someone worse?

Will Trump shut all this shit down come 1/20?

Will Trump be impeached?

Do Republicans even have the guts to stand up for democracy anymore over their own corrupt self interests?

Is Christopher Steele – probably the most patriotic non-American American right now – going to be ok?

Are other professional spies banning together to uncover these truths?

Will the ACA be repealed?

How many will suffer and die as a result?

Will we continue with the laughable narrative that Republicans plan on “replacing” Obamacare with anything?

Will we continue with the laughable narrative that Trump is a legitimate President Elect?

Why don’t Trump’s comments re: John Lewis matter to some people?

Why isn’t literally everybody boycotting this inauguration?

Are you marching in D.C.?

Are you marching locally in your hometown?

Will 2018 be a year of complete congressional turnover?

Will 2017 be the year that you get involved?


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