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Because It’s That Time of the Night Again

Whhhoooooo boy.  Oh boy.  Oi.

Let me tell you.

The last two weeks I have had a million client cancellations.  It’s fine, I expect it – this is what happens this time of the year.  And I’m just so damn burnt out from the nonstop, never getting a day off for three straight months end of 2016, that I’m just happy to take whatever time I can get, however I can get it, whenever I can get it.

So, that’s not what this post is about it.

What this post is about is what I become when left to my own devices.  My own human, sloth-y, middleclass, boring ass devices.  Because, to be able to spend all this time with myself, is a burden that only I (and my dogs) bare.

And I bare it in all the worst ways.

I go full binge eating.  Full binge watching. Full stay up until all hours of the night.  Full nap every day at 3pm.  Full existential-omg-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life.

But the lowest I go, is full famous Youtuber rabbit hole.

I love a good YouTube beauty guru, believe you me.  And I also love a good reaction video.  I love an unboxing video.  I love every YouTube product review video.  I even love YouTube “comedians”.  (I am not proud that this is where my taste level lies, and I am not a cool person and y’all know my life is dry af).  But goddamn, did I reach a new level of famous YouTuber low when I began watching the videos of an eighteen year old girl (with millions of followers) describing her stories and interactions with her stalker of ten years!  I’m not going to put the YouTuber’s name here, because, honestly her stories freak me the fuck out.

But damn.

I have never been so at the edge of my seat.  I have never been so scared for any single person.

And while this particular girl has hundreds of videos – and I’m sure at least some of them are problematic in some ways (I don’t know, I only have taken a preliminary glance at her channel), but she’s really a great YouTube personality.  Like, super great.  Like funny and different and interesting.  And the whole thing has got me shook.

But not shook enough to create any great content about it – this is the best you get.

Instead, I just googled, “Easiest cake recipe”.

And I have all the ingredients.

The question is now:

Does gluttony outweigh sloth?





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