Rachel and Kat

The inside of our heads.

Check back later for pics of us.  Right now, just view this delicious Thanksgiving spread from 2014.  You’re welcome


Twitter: @rachelschullo

A Few First Words: I’m a writer, editor, and developer spending my time in various parts of Chicagoland.
Behind: Rock and roll. Obscure board games. Jameson. Travel mugs. Mid-Century house furnishings. Cheap nail polish. Semi-colons. The progressive agenda of the proletariat. Mayo.
Best Way to Live: Slowly.
Not Behind: Manspreading. Evangelicals. Jerky cats.
Best Way to Die: Indignantly.
A Few Last Words: “Don’t write like a man, don’t write like a woman; write like a motherfucker.”


A Few First Words: I’m an asshole.
Behind: Understanding intersectionality. Underdogs. Actual dogs.
Best way to live: Like a renegade.
Not Behind: Ruining a perfectly good bagel with blueberries.
Best way to die: Like a coward.
A few last words: If you’re going to eat a bagel, you’re going to eat it with cream cheese and lox, goddamn you.